Brand Safety Policy

Last update: Feb 2020

Gadsme is fully committed to providing a brand-safe marketplace that advertisers can trust. All routes are transparent and reported in real time through the Gadsme Console.

Here is how we ensure your brand is safe in our marketplace:

Games onboarding process - Always

Gadsme have strict terms and conditions that Game developers have to meet in order to be approved as a Gadsme inventory source.

We have direct links with Games Directors and Gadsme’s Account Managers are tasked with monitoring the publishers’ property or properties to ensure the content adheres to our guidelines.

For every new game, our Gadsme account team check all contextual parameters such as PEGI, kind of Game, environments.

For every new game, Gadsme check ALL inventory placements before going live, ensuring proper visualization and acceptability for the players and the brands.

Brand safety policy

Using contextual analysis technology, we have 8 brand safety discriminators that are negatively targeted by default on all campaigns that Gadsme manages directly. These include:

Specific discriminators can be added upon clients request.

Gadsme can also replicate similar targeting for campaigns managed by the clients (programmatic PMPs) at their request.

Each discriminator consists of personal behaviors and/or in game scenes that are associated to the game content, updated regularly.

Content verification - Continuously

Gadsme conduct global audits, and if needed, with independent market consulting verification firms, multiple times a year, to ensure and uphold the quality of our global marketplace.

Our campaigns can host 3rd party verification tags to allow advertisers to have an independent auditor to validate the quality of our network.

Takedown policy – No exception

Technically no game publishers nor clients can misroute a targeted campaign.

But if a presumed brand safety breach has occurred and Gadsme is notified in writing, Gadsme will take down the misplaced ad within 48h.

Self-serve publishers are able to pause the delivery of the ads by logging onto the Gadsme Console.