We love video games

GADSME is a new generation Adtech platform exclusively designed and dedicated to the gaming and e‑sport industries

We bring in ADS as well as a comprehensive technical asset that comprises:

Full and clear brand safety mechanisms

An anti-fraud system

A new placement tool to simply and securely position ads in games

A trusted and transparent viewability system


are looking for engaging, fun and immersive experiences


are looking for high return on ads spent on hard‑to‑reach audiences

Game Publishers

are looking for technically reliable products that generate substantial revenues and never harm the gameplay


In‑game‑advertising experiences deliver memorisation and meaningful viewability

Bringing the best in game advertising inventory from the world’s leading games to the strongest and most demanding brands. For better and more immersive games

2.5 Billion Gamers

More than 700 Billion minutes per year streamed on Twitch

  • An audience that cannot be ignored any more

  • Players deserve respectful ad experiences

  • Players want to play in more immersive and realistic games

  • Because games are highly characterized, and very addictive as they require high attention, brands can now connect with an almost impossible to reach audience in the best way

  • A Massive Audience so difficult to reach needs to be cherished as GADSME brings in premium brands and best‑in‑breed technologies

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You know how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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For Advertisers

An audience that cannot be ignored any more

Your creatives are unblockable, non intrusive and non deformed! Update and/or Change them in real time

Brand Safety is our top priority: Choose where and when to deliver your creatives ; use our data for a better in games targeting and to choose exactly where you want your ads to show

Verified Impressions is also our top priority: our proprietary visibility technology ensures that our ads are served into spaces that suit the advertisers targets

Deliver your messages on billboards, flags, posters, signboards, logos, clothes, cars … and any promotional spaces

Make dedicated Deals with game publishers on specific targets

Monitor your reach and your campaigns in real time though the Gadsme Console

This is how it happens with our clients


Gadsme platform receives the brand's creative assets


With massive use of data, Gadsme delivers the right creative to the right game, the right ad unit and the right gamer demographic


Advertisers in real time monitor the results and outcomes and have the ability to fine‑tune the reach and the creatives


Campaigns are set at the Platform level. Every campaign includes all targeting characteristics and strategy specifics in order to outperform revenue forecast and drive business outcomes

Increase your Brand Awareness whithin a very challenging audience in Games and eSports

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For Game Publishers

Pilot your own campaigns throught GADSME and reserve specific inventory with Deal-ID. Adjust the amount of inventory seen per player

Increase Players enjoyment with GADSME dynamic ads in game

No interrupted game sessions with bad ads. Even with Good. Ban intrusive, non relevant and inefficient ads

Plan and conceptualize your placement inventory within your game. Only served on credible emplacements. Only serve selected and premium ads

Increase your revenues over time. Dynamic Ads in Game is a new and strong fast growing revenue stream

Define your ad strategy according to game criteria such as player type

Control your floor and waterfall strategies

Rely on proven and adopted technologies. Simple to use and intuitive. GADSME supports OpenRTB

Automatic payment, every month

Pristine technologies because we know you want a clean workflow and SDK experience

Because technologies are of primary importants to us, GADSME is laser‑focused on providing best in class SDKs

Technical poeple know that 99.9% of SDKs have serious and negative impact on performance. It is even more more true in 3D environments and Games! Technical poeple also know that all vendors claim to have fast SDK integration time

All our tools work perfectly alongside your existing SDK, even your classic ad monetisation SDK!

You have a specific and/or proprietary Rendering Engine, use our platform through its dedicated and very efficient API

speed car

Gadsme knows your audience is a very hard‑to‑reach target


Our technical platform helps you to sell your direct campaigns and get the better deals from advertisers through Gadsme

Gadsme combines proprietary technology and expertise in ML/AI, ad bidding and image rendering to ensure high ad performance

We work for the top brands and avertisers at a Global Level , able to serve campaigns in Europe, Asia and North America. Gadsme makes sure you get the highest price for each impression through several criteria:

  • Device and OS characteristics

  • time/day/zone criteria

  • Behavioural context: demographic info, footprint, purchase history, session data

  • Brand affinity

Increase immersibility with the best gaming experience

Access to real time reporting including real time viewability of the ads. Adjust the amount of inventory for each gamers. Game per Game. Player per player

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